Johann Pachelbel


1653 — 1706
A native of Nuremberg, Pachelbel developed an interest in composition and the organ from a very early age. After studying at the University in Altdorf, where he also served as organist of the Lorenzkirche, he held a series of similar appointments in larger and more prestigious centres, namely, Vienna, Eisenach, Erfurt, Stuttgart, Gotha, and, finally, Nuremberg. It was during his time in Eisenach that he became friendly with Ambrosius Bach, the father of Johann Sebastian. Pachelbel's importance as a composer lies chiefly in his well-constructed organ works, many of which were later transcribed for strings. It is, however, on his Canon in D Major that his modern reputation rests: a charming and melodious piece, it is classically cast in the form of a canon and recalls the art of the minstrels who once accompanied weddings from village to village.