UNIQUE: One Artist, One Monument, One Concert

UNIQUE: One Artist, One Monument, One Concert

Nemanja Radulovic

Production Date: 01/01/2019
93 Min
Available in 4K

Set against the backdrop of the Neolithic Carnac stones in Brittany, this visually striking video centres on French-Serbian virtuoso violinist Nemanja Radulović. Combining eras, cultures, and genres, together with his Ensemble Double Sens, made up of French and Serbian musicians, and Les Trilles du Diable, Radulović leads a programme that traces a range of music, from Bach to Bloch, the Four Seasons to Scheherazade, and includes traditional Serbian pieces. Part documentary, part concert, the film applies pop-culture imagination to the presentation of classical music performances coupled with insights, commentary, and personal anecdotes from the virtuoso himself.

Laure Favre-Kahn (Piano), Ksenija Milošević (Violin), Nemanja Radulovic (Violin)
Double Sens, Les Trilles Du Diable