Multiple Identities - Encounters with Daniel Barenboim

Multiple Identities - Encounters with Daniel Barenboim

50 Years on Stage

Production Date: 01/01/2001
88 Min

Daniel Barenboim wears many hats, both personally and professionally. This film traces the first 50 years of Barenboim’s tremendous career, through memories of conducting and performing with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Staatskapelle Berlin; of rehearsing with the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra; of trips to Buenos Aires, Weimar, and Jerusalem; and of times shared with friends, family, and musical counterparts. This year-long journey alongside the maestro accompanies his conversations with Edward Said and Pierre Boulez, his collaborations with Cecilia Bartoli, Yo-Yo Ma, and Waltraud Meier, and confirms that at the centre of all that he is, all that he does and all with which he identifies, is the music.

Daniel Barenboim (Piano)