Aged to Perfection: Artur Rubinstein plays Brahms

Aged to Perfection: Artur Rubinstein plays Brahms


Performance date: 01/01/1973
Available until: 31/12/2023
50 Min

Artur Rubinstein has occasionally referred to Johannes Brahms as his favourite composer. Rubinstein had first-hand familiarity with his music, having been sponsored since the age of 10 by Joseph Joachim, Brahms' close friend and artistic partner. It seems equally astonishing that the pianist, who learned the D Minor Piano Concerto in his teens, still masters it at the age of 81. Rubinstein interprets the work, fascinating in its emotional force and symphonic design, in this recording from 1973 with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra and its then chief conductor Bernard Haitink.

Artur Rubinstein (Piano)
Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra
Bernard Haitink