Zimmer & Jackman: Up is Down - aus "Fluch der Karibik"

Zimmer & Jackman: Up is Down - aus "Fluch der Karibik"

Kian Soltani

Produktionsdatum: 01.10.2021
3 Min
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Kian Soltani has always been a big fan of movies, now he takes this passion one step further and creates an unprecedented album with his own arrangements of great blockbuster hits. Epic soundscapes from Hans Zimmer's 'Pirates of the Caribbean', Howard Shores 'Lord of the Rings' and other soundtracks. Cello Unlimited is precisely that – a collection of the most iconic movie soundtracks from the last 20 years, played on Kian’s cello and his cello only! All tracks are specially arranged for the cello and every voice is played by Kian himself.

Kian Soltani (Cello)