Wagner: Parsifal (Bayreuth, 2016)

Wagner: Parsifal (Bayreuth, 2016)

Laufenberg, Haenchen

Production Date: 01/01/2016
247 Min

In the third 21st century Bayreuth production of Parsifal, director Uwe Eric Laufenberg portrays Wagner's last opera with immense, striking images set in the context of international religious conflicts. The ensemble of soloists, celebrated by both the audience and the press, is led by Klaus Florian Vogt, Elena Pankratova and Georg Zeppenfeld. Making his festival debut, conductor Hartmut Haenchen, who stepped in on relatively short notice, brought to the stage his decades-long expertise: "The orchestra holds the singers by the hand: eloquent, dramatically sharpened diction, transparent orchestral writing, softly contoured in terms of tonal sense, with flowing transitions, brisk tempi and luminous climaxes." (FAZ)

Tansel Akzeybek (Tenor), Ingeborg Gillebo (Mezzo-Soprano), Gerd Grochowski (Bass-Baritone), Stefan Heibach (Tenor), Charles Kim (Tenor), Bele Kumberger (Soprano), Wiebke Lehmkuhl (Contralto), Karl-Heinz Lehner (Bass-Baritone), Ryan McKinny (Bass-Baritone), Mareike Morr (Soprano), Elena Pankratova (Soprano), Katharina Persicke (Soprano), Timo Riihonen (Bass), Anna Siminska (Soprano), Alexandra Steiner (Soprano), Klaus Florian Vogt (Tenor), Georg Zeppenfeld (Bass)
Bayreuth Festival Chorus, Bayreuth Festival Orchestra
Hartmut Haenchen

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