The Chéreau Ring: Das Rheingold (Bayreuth, 1980)

The Chéreau Ring: Das Rheingold (Bayreuth, 1980)

Pierre Boulez

Production Date: 19/07/1980
147 Min

The Bayreuth Festival productions of Wagner's Tetralogy performed between 1976 and 1980, have been called the "Ring of the Century" for two reasons: first, it came out a hundred years after the opening of the festival; second, the production, led by Patrice Chéreau and Pierre Boulez, proved to be quite possibly the most effective interpretation of the piece both scenically and musically in the 20th century. The production was, however, a scandal before it became a triumph. In its premiere year, Der Spiegel reported that "the old-timers lost their hearing and sight". The opening scene was also met with criticism: instead of untouched nature, they were confronted with a dam that symbolised industrialisation and capitalism.

Hermann Becht (Baritone), Martin Egel (Baritone), Ilse Gramatzki (Mezzo-Soprano), Fritz Hübner (Bass), Siegfried Jerusalem (Tenor), Donald McIntyre (Baritone), Helmut Pampuch (Tenor), Carmen Reppel (Soprano), Matti Salminen (Bass), Marga Schiml (Alto), Hanna Schwarz (Mezzo-Soprano), Norma Sharp (Soprano), Ortrun Wenkel (Alto), Heinz Zednik (Tenor)
Bayreuth Festival Orchestra
Pierre Boulez

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