Puccini's Tosca - with Raina Kabaivanska & Plácido Domingo

Puccini's Tosca - with Raina Kabaivanska & Plácido Domingo

Filmed in Rome

Performance date: 01/01/1977
Available until: 31/12/2023
117 Min

Puccini's gripping operatic thriller about love and politics takes place almost in real time in June 1800: the action, driven by the composer's psychologically astute and powerfully incendiary music, takes place in just two days at precisely designated real locations in the eternal city of Rome. This 1976 film brings the musical drama back to two of those original locations. The first act was filmed in the beautiful baroque church of Sant'Andrea della Valle, and the last in the Castel Sant'Angelo, built in antiquity, from which the title heroine plunges to her deatch at the end. In the leading roles Raina Kabaivanska, Plácido Domingo and Sherrill Milnes boast not just world class voices, but movie-star charisma.

Plácido Domingo Jr. (Tenor), Plácido Domingo (Tenor), Bruno Grella (Baritone), Raina Kabaivanska (Soprano), Giancarlo Luccardi (Bass), Alfredo Mariotti (Bass), Domenico Medici (Bass-Baritone), Sherrill Milnes (Baritone)
New Philharmonia Orchestra
Bruno Bartoletti