Brendel Plays Liszt: Années de pèlerinage I & II

Brendel Plays Liszt: Années de pèlerinage I & II

Middle Temple Hall

Production Date: 31/03/1986
101 Min

One of the most insightful pianists of his age, Alfred Brendel presents the first two parts of Liszt's remarkable Années de pèlerinage – his "years of pilgrimage" – inspired by travels through Switzerland and Italy. Mixing poetic reactions to landscape and literature with evocations of specific sites, from Swiss valleys to Dante's Inferno, the two "years" represent a groundbreaking essay in composing for the piano as well as pushing boundaries in musical aesthetics. Along with the two major sets of Etudes, produced around the same time, the two works also marked a breakthrough in Liszt's career as a composer. Filmed at London's Middle Temple Hall in 1986, Alfred Brendel proves an ideal champion.

Alfred Brendel (Piano)

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