Maurizio Pollini: De main de maître

Maurizio Pollini: De main de maître

Bruno Monsaingeon

Production Date: 17/12/2015
54 Min

It took 70 years until Maurizio Pollini felt it was time to allow himself to be filmed. The great Italian pianist has an extraordinary rarity. With little known about him, giving only the odd concert or interview, this portrait reveals a man rich with musical experience, close friendships with pioneers in the classical music field, a selective repertoire, and a commitment to politics. Based on an extensive interview with Bruno Monsaingeon, Pollini digs deep into his memory bank, overcoming the difficulty of speaking about his childhood, reliving historical moments, and depicting his work, practice, and process, while holding on to the fact that it is always done for his own pleasure.

Maurizio Pollini (Piano)

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