Musical Moment: Kit Armstrong plays Byrd & Bull

Musical Moment: Kit Armstrong plays Byrd & Bull

Meistersaal, Berlin

Performance date: 12/08/2020
67 Min

Kit Armstrong presents a recital of works from two great English composers in the Meistersaal in Berlin: William Byrd and John Bull. Despite being contemporaries, their compositional styles were varied. The contrast is even more apparent when the works are played after one another, as is the case in this performance. Born in 1992 in Los Angeles, Armstrong opens up a glimpse into the essence of early music in England. "William Byrd and John Bull created the universe of keyboard music as it still exists today," he explains. Alfred Brendel, who has been Armstrong's teacher and mentor since 2005, credits him with "an understanding of the great piano works that combines freshness and subtlety, emotion and intellect."

Kit Armstrong (Piano)