Nightfall – Alice Sara Ott at the Meistersaal

Nightfall – Alice Sara Ott at the Meistersaal

Production Date: 17/06/2020
41 Min

Dreams, memories, and moments suspended in time. With delicate precision and fine-tuned finesse, Alice Sara Ott’s raw performance seemingly elongates time. Holding on to the magical moment where day turns to night, Ott’s interpretations of Debussy, Satie and Chopin find balance, while offering entirely new meaning and association to light and darkness. Ultimately redefining these two opposing terms, Ott effortlessly strikes harmony throughout the consistently alternating push and pull within the pieces. The entrancing soundscapes of this carefully thought-out programme present a journey of reminiscence, reflection, and imagination, created not only by the music, but by the colours and the spaces that lie between.

Alice Sara Ott (Piano)

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