The Castorf Ring: Götterdämmerung (Bayreuth, 2016)

The Castorf Ring: Götterdämmerung (Bayreuth, 2016)

Marek Janowski

Production Date: 31/07/2016
256 Min

"Oil is the equivalent of what used to be gold. A luxury that we cannot eat," explained director Frank Castorf in an interview, outlining one of the key ideas behind his production of the Ring at Bayreuth. In the final part of the tetralogy, the wild journey ventures to the Buna chemical plants in Schkopau and to New York's Wall Street, among other places. Inspired by the aesthetic of Hollywood B movies, the production was first met with disapproval but grew to gain many supporters over the years.

Albert Dohmen (Bass-Baritone), Markus Eiche (Baritone), Catherine Foster (Soprano), Stéphanie Houtzeel (Mezzo-Soprano), Christiane Kohl (Soprano), Wiebke Lehmkuhl (Contralto), Allison Oakes (Soprano), Albert Pesendorfer (Bass), Marina Prudenskaya (Mezzo-Soprano), Alexandra Steiner (Soprano), Stefan Vinke (Tenor)
Bayreuth Festival Chorus, Bayreuth Festival Orchestra

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