Karajan: Jubilee Concert – 100 Years Berliner Philharmoniker

Karajan: Jubilee Concert – 100 Years Berliner Philharmoniker

"Eroica" Symphony

Production Date: 30/04/1982
55 Min

When Herbert von Karajan died in July 1989, many TV stations around the world responded by playing his filmed recording of Beethoven's Eroica symphony, and few works seemed to encapsulate both the monumental authority and the untamed imagination that Karajan brought to the Austro-German symphonic repertoire. This film documents a different, very special meeting between Karajan, the Eroica and the Berlin Philharmonic – a concert given in 1982 to celebrate the orchestra's centenary. Celebratory, commanding and played with breathtaking precision and beauty, it's a performance with a unique sense of occasion, from one of the 20th century's supreme partnerships between conductor and orchestra.

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