Musical Moment: Andreas Ottensamer & Julien Quentin

Musical Moment: Andreas Ottensamer & Julien Quentin

Songs Without Words

Production Date: 27/03/2020
47 Min

Melancholic, romantic, and uplifting are the pieces put together by clarinettist Andreas Ottensamer and pianist Julien Quention for their recital in the Meistersaal in Berlin. Ottensamer has arranged three more Songs Without Words by Mendelssohn for clarinet and piano to complement his album Blue Hour, which he presents here for the first time. These are followed by Schumann's Fantasiestücke, an absolute favourite. Ottensamer and Quentin also play one movement each from sonatas by Poulenc, Brahms and Horovitz, with a special connection to the latter composer's work: Ottensamer met Horovitz personally at a concert in which the clarinettist subsequently played his Sonatina as an encore.

Julien Quentin (Piano), Andreas Ottensamer (Clarinet)

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