Moment of Reflection – Albrecht Mayer & Kimiko Imani

Moment of Reflection – Albrecht Mayer & Kimiko Imani

Meistersaal Berlin

Production Date: 03/04/2020
41 Min

From the Meistersaal in Berlin, renowned oboist Albrecht Mayer shares a vividly picturesque and reflective musical moment with the highly versatile Kimiko Imani. Filled with soliloquies, serenades and fantasies, the duo performs a selection of works that depict colourful, yet highly emotive natural landscapes and distant cultures, taking audiences well beyond the four walls of the performance space. Minds wander and emotions roll throughout this intimate, so-called “ghost concert,” filled with moments of delicacy and musical passages that intertwine, interweave, and offer deep introspection.

Kimiko Imani (Piano), Albrecht Mayer (Oboe)