Brian Eno & Roger Eno: Live at the Acropolis

Brian Eno & Roger Eno: Live at the Acropolis

Athens, 2021

1. RE-LIVE – 
2. RE-LIVE – 
72 Min

The brothers Brian and Roger Eno have enjoyed global success in glam rock, pop, ambient and film music, and their work is characterized by boundary-breaking experiments in terms of instruments and audio-visual production. Although the musicians have been working together for a long time, they did not release "Mixing Colors", their first completely jointly conceived album, until 2020. This was followed a year later by a concert at one of the most historic and atmospherically impressive performance venues: in the amphitheater of Herodes Atticus, the brothers' unique music combines with spectacular visuals and views of the Acropolis rock in Athens to create an unforgettable experience.

Leo Abrahams (Guitar), Cecily Eno (Voice)