Musical Moment: Avi Avital & Ohad Ben-Ari

Musical Moment: Avi Avital & Ohad Ben-Ari

Meistersaal, Berlin

Production Date: 05/04/2020
50 Min

"Art gives me inspiration and spiritual nourishment," Avi Avital once said. In difficult times that urgently call for both, the artist is an ideal protagonist for the Musical Moments series. With his grandiose concert performances and DG albums, Avital has almost single-handedly anchored the supposedly exotic instrument of the mandolin, bringing it into the consciousness of a mass audience. From the Meistersaal in Berlin, Avital and pianist Ohad Ben-Ari immerse listeners in the worlds of Viennese classical music and Spanish, Italian, and Jewish folklore. With an original work by Beethoven written for mandolin, he proves that even the most eminent composers were enthusiastic about the seductive sound of the instrument.

Avi Avital (Mandolin), Ohad Ben-Ari (Piano)

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