Krystian Zimerman: the 1987 Chopin Recital

Krystian Zimerman: the 1987 Chopin Recital

Filmed in Vienna

Production Date: 01/02/1987
72 Min

Recorded in Vienna in 1987, this legendary video recital from Krystian Zimerman sees the Polish pianist – and winner of the Chopin Competition in Warsaw in 1975 – present a programme built around the four poetic and technically challenging ballades. Throughout those works and the rest of the programme – featuring the glittering B-flat Minor Scherzo, a nocturne, the Fantasie in F Minor and the Barcarolle – Zimerman reveals the control of sonority, colour and technique that have made him one of the most revered and admired performers of his generation.

Krystian Zimerman (Piano)

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