Max Richter: VOICES

Max Richter: VOICES

Reflektor Elbphilharmonie

Production Date: 10/10/2021
60 Min
Available in Dolby Atmos

Voices is a homage to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a hopeful and optimistic work for "negative orchestra", choir, electronics, soprano, violin and piano, in which Max Richter aimed to create a space in which musicians and the audience could engage with the "inspirational principles" of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The "negative orchestra" – a response to the world in 2020 – turns the orchestra on its head: cellos and bass dominate, their deep sound intermittently punctuated by the violin and soprano. In addition to the music, the composer has recorded hundreds of voices from around the world reading out parts of the Human Rights Declaration in their native tongues – these are the "voices" of the work's title.

Grace Davidson (Soprano), Birgit Minichmayr (Narrator), Max Richter (Piano), Elena Urioste (Violin)
Ensemble Resonanz
Kevin John Edusei

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