Daniel Hope & Zürcher Kammerorchester: Dance!

Daniel Hope & Zürcher Kammerorchester: Dance!

Konzerthaus Berlin

100 Min
Available in Dolby AtmosAvailable in 4K

Courtly minuet, blissful waltz, melancholic tango, electrifying mambo – this programme from the Zürcher Kammerorchester under the direction of star violinist Daniel Hope dances through time and space. Filmed at the Konzerthaus Berlin in February 2024, it takes the listener on a journey through seven centuries of music, encompassing everything from a medieval lament to 20th-century ballet and beyond, and travelling from Second Empire Paris to Soviet Russia, from Buenos Aires to Chicago. The result is an irresistible musical selection, all performed with irrepressible verve and energy by Hope and his orchestra.

Daniel Hope (Violin)
Zürcher Kammerorchester

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