Anne-Sophie Mutter: The Club Concert

Anne-Sophie Mutter: The Club Concert

Neue Heimat, Berlin

Production Date: 28/06/2015
69 Min

Star violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter brings classical music and her 300-year-old “Lord Dunn-Raven” Stradivarius to the graffiti-scrawled Neue Heimat club in Friedrichshain in Germany’s capital city. Standing just a few feet away from the audience, it’s a far cry from the world’s biggest concert halls where Mutter normally performs. Accompanied by Lambert Orkis on piano and Mutter’s Virtuosi from her foundation for up-and-coming talent, the carefully thought-out programme offers a view into the variety of music history and of music for the violin. Complete with works by Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, Bach, Gershwin, and Copland, the programme journeys from past to present and etches out a space for classical music to have a “new home”.

Mahan Esfahani (Harpsichord), Anne-Sophie Mutter (Violin), Lambert Orkis (Piano)
Mutter's Virtuosi

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