Wagner: Die Walküre (Bayreuth 2010)

Wagner: Die Walküre (Bayreuth 2010)

Dorst, Thielemann

Production Date: 21/08/2010
236 Min

Christian Thielemann is on the podium for this 2010 Bayreuth performance of Die Walküre, part of the complete Ring staged by the late Tankred Dorst in 2006 and kept in the Festspielhaus's repertory until 2010. The production, often featuring striking tableaux, sought to re-establish the Gods less as rooted in any specific era than as deeply mythical and powerful across a endless time span. In this video record of the second opera in Wagner's tetralogy, Albert Dohmen sings Wotan alongside a superbly cast pair of Wälsung twins: tenor Johan Botha and soprano Edith Haller.

Johan Botha (Tenor), Wilke te Brummelstroete (Mezzo-Soprano), Martina Dike (Mezzo-Soprano), Albert Dohmen (Bass-Baritone), Anna Gabler (Soprano), Miriam Gordon-Stewart (Soprano), Edith Haller (Soprano), Annette Küttenbaum (Mezzo-Soprano), Mihoko Fujimura (Contralto), Sonja Mühleck (Soprano), Alexandra Petersamer (Mezzo-Soprano), Simone Schröder (Contralto), Linda Watson (Soprano), Kwangchul Youn (Bass)
Bayreuth Festival Orchestra
Christian Thielemann

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