Musical Moment: Daniel Barenboim plays Chopin

Musical Moment: Daniel Barenboim plays Chopin

Pierre Boulez Saal

Production Date: 16/04/2020
33 Min

Études, nocturnes and ballades – Frédéric Chopin revolutionised them all. His two cycles of Études were the first to turn technical challenges into engaging musical material; his Nocturnes popularised and expanded the solo work form, making them a fixture of the classical piano canon; and he was the first to apply the term “ballade” to piano music that had thus far only been used by poets. Each of the works requires tremendous technical talent together with masterful musicality, a powerful combination that Daniel Barenboim brings to the Pierre Boulez Saal for his fourth episode in the DG Musical Moments series. The performance is an intimate display of virtuosity of some of the world’s most representative romantic music.

Daniel Barenboim (Piano)

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