The Chéreau Ring: Götterdämmerung (Bayreuth, 1979)

The Chéreau Ring: Götterdämmerung (Bayreuth, 1979)

Pierre Boulez

Production Date: 06/07/1979
251 Min

In Patrice Chéreau's production, the chorus turns away from the scene and towards the auditorium in the final notes of Götterdämmerung to ask the audience whether or not there is hope for a better future after the abdication of the old order. If it was initially met with angry rejection, the production ended with 90 minutes of applause and fortunately, director Brian Large taped the Ring of the Century in its last year. In addition to Chéreau's staging – both a great success and a masterpiece of detailed work – Pierre Boulez's musical direction also caused a sensation: his conducting, characterised by brisk tempi, transparency and dramaturgical tautness, represents a milestone in Wagner interpretation.

Jeannine Altmeyer (Soprano), Hermann Becht (Baritone), Katie Clarke (Soprano), Ilse Gramatzki (Mezzo-Soprano), Fritz Hübner (Bass), Gwyneth Jones (Soprano), Manfred Jung (Tenor), Gwendolyn Killebrew (Mezzo-Soprano), Franz Mazura (Bass), Marga Schiml (Contralto), Gabriele Schnaut (Mezzo-Soprano), Norma Sharp (Soprano), Ortrun Wenkel (Contralto)
Bayreuth Festival Chorus, Bayreuth Festival Orchestra
Norbert Balatsch, Pierre Boulez

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