The Schwarz Ring: Die Walküre (Bayreuth, 2022)

The Schwarz Ring: Die Walküre (Bayreuth, 2022)

Cornelius Meister

Production Date: 02/08/2022
234 Min
Available in 4K

This new production of Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen at the Bayreuth Festival was the opera event of the 2022 festival season. Young director Valentin Schwarz reimagines the mythical story in the present day and tells a gripping family saga in the world of the rich and powerful. The musical direction is in the hands of Cornelius Meister. In the second part of the tetralogy, Schwarz delves in particular into the relationship between Wotan, the father of the gods, and his "favorite daughter" Brünnhilde, showing it as especially unhappy and traumatic. Lise Davidsen and Klaus Florian Vogt prove themselves audience favourites for their portrayal of the siblings and lovers Sieglinde and Siegmund.

Lise Davidsen (Soprano), Kelly God (Soprano), Stéphanie Houtzeel (Mezzo-Soprano), Daniela Köhler (Soprano), Tomasz Konieczny (Bass-Baritone), Christa Mayer (Mezzo-Soprano), Brit-Tone Müllertz (Soprano), Stéphanie Müther (Soprano), Marie Henriette Reinhold (Mezzo-Soprano), Katie Stevenson (Mezzo-Soprano), Iréne Theorin (Soprano), Klaus Florian Vogt (Tenor), Georg Zeppenfeld (Bass)
Bayreuth Festival Orchestra
Cornelius Meister

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